Possible Professional Learning Explorations

In the emerging model, students learn to navigate, assess, construct and participate in a living network that comprises the heart of their learning network and they take that with them when their time as part of any particular institution’s offerings come to a change…’Going to school’ is an activity that has a life and dies; learning is a continuing process. Enrollments and degree programs terminate; personal living networks accompany learners through life– the ultimate educational institution– serving as companion, confidante, and oracle alike.
--Chris Lott

The teacher has to step back and become the guide and facilitator instead of being the giver and knower of all knowledge,” she says. “You’re trying to create a learner, not just give them information. It becomes not so much about what you teach, but about how you teach.
- Dr. Cathy Long, Principal of Auburn High School (Alabama)

Teaching today is much more about student-centered, inquiry-based, collaborative learning. Our job is to make sure we prepare teachers to implement new methodologies that support this, including those that incorporate technology.
- Jason Wright, Principal of Auburn Junior High (Alabama)

Wow! Check out these collections of resources on the following topics:

Taking of the Pulse of Learning Today and Into the Future GO

Organizational Change or the Implosion of Educational Institutions? GO

Observation: The next disruptive innovation is personalized, customized learning.


Web 2.0 Resources

Chris O'Neal Podcast on Web 2.0
Social Networks in Education
Moving Forward Wikispace [Videos, slideshows, handouts and other resources.]
Model Lessons for 21st Century Learning
What Is Web 2.0? [video]
Shedding Light on Web 2.0 from Kathy Schrock
Web 2.0 in Education & Profiles
Digitally Speaking A wiki by Bill Ferriter, a 6th grade teacher in North Carolina. Great round-up of blogs, wikis and voicethreads. Examples provided.
EdTechTalkWhat is this? Check out their voicethread hereto learn.
Tech Forum: Strategies, Solutions and Innovations for Technology Leaders Videos of excellent presentations.


Take Polls with Cell Phones
Blogs or Weblogs
Education Widgets
Gadgets & Other Cool Stuff (including Twine, Voki, and Pageflakes)
Gaming Tools
Productivity Tools----Now includes Buzzword--look out Google Docs!
Interactive Boards
Language Translators
Maps (including Google Earth and Google Maps)
Mind-Mapping and Storyboarding
Online Photo Share
Online Multimedia Share
Podcasting and Vodcasting
Portable Learning Devices....including cell phones
Mathematics Tools
RSS & Readers (News Aggregators) Highlight: See how this sixth grade teacher uses the power of RSS feed in teaching and learning. Click here.
Social Bookmarking
Social Networks....including Panwapa and Webkinz
Online Survey, Quiz
Tele- and Videoconferencing
Visualization Tools

Check these out!


21st Century Learning
Digital Citizenship
The Arts in Learning
Models of Best Practice
English Language Learners
Going Global
Professional Learning
Virtual/Online/Distance Education
Creativity and Innovation
Copyright and Intellectual Property
Acceptable Use Policies in the Web 2.0 World
Mind of the Digital Learner
Emergence of Social Media and Social Networking
Emotional Intelligence
Learning Spaces
Project-based Learning (PBL)
Social Networking
Trends in Education
Acceptable Use Policies
Gaming in Education
Virtual Worlds and Simulations [including Second Life and Moodles]
Visual and Performing Arts
Digital Storytelling
Internet 2
Semantic Web
Information Design
Robots in Education
Digital Music Resources