Featured Presentation: Helen Barrett- Multiple Purposes of Digital Stories and Podcasts in ePortfolios Description: have been exploring the many uses of digital stories in electronic portfolios. An ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of work that demonstrates effort, progress and achievement over time, stored in an electronic container (CD, DVD, WWW). In this context and in terms of the technology, a digital story is a digital video clip, told in the author's own voice, illustrated mostly with still images, with an optional music track added for emotional effect. In this context, a podcast is an audio-only digital story. Rhetorically, a digital story is a personal narrative that may show the author’s identity: strengths, weaknesses, achievements, disappointments, learning experiences, passions, and hopes for the future; in other words: reflection.

50 Ways to Tell a Story From Alan Levine

Web-based Animation, Video and Storytelling Options Grow Wesley Fryer's post is a rich discussion on the increase of digital tools in storytelling.

A New Kind of Storytelling From Wired. "'The 360-degree concept explodes everything you've ever learned about movie-making and calls for new rules, new grammar, and most excitingly, a new kind of storytelling,' said Talkington, best known for her Sundance Film Festival short film Second Skin."

Bridges to Understanding
...a Seattle-based nonprofit organization, works internationally with K-12 schools to promote cultural understanding through collaborative storytelling. The site includes a library of digital short stories made by students from around the world.

Center for Digital Storytelling "The Center for Digital Storytelling is a California-based non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization rooted in the art of personal storytelling. We assist people of all ages in using the tools of digital media to craft, record, share, and value the stories of individuals and communities, in ways that improve all our lives.

Many individuals and communities have used the term "digital storytelling" to describe a wide variety of new media production practices. What best describes our approach is its emphasis on personal voice and facilitative teaching methods. Many of the stories made in our workshops are directly connected to the images collected in life's journey. But our primary concern is encouraging thoughtful and emotionally direct writing."

David Jakes' Digital Storytelling Wiki

DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories

Digital Stories

Digital Storytelling: Be the Next Ken Burns! (video--stream or download) From NECC 2007 conference

Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom

Digital Storytelling: It's More Than Just Software

Digital Campfire Tales From Wired. "Atchley foresees technology as becoming ubiquitous in art. 'In the coming years, I expect that we'll lose the term 'digital' when [talking] about artists using computers.' For now, he notes, 'it's just a new way to tell old stories.'"

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling TONS of great resources! Don't miss this one!

Leadership and Stories

Loud and Clear: Students Find Their Voice Through Multimedia Southern California's San Fernando Education Technology Team focuses on learning by doing and speaks to students' fascination with technology and all things digital. From Edutopia 07-01-02

Marco Torres--the guru of digital media and learning.

Multimedia Motivation: Helping Kids Love to Learn A Hawaii high school integrates core curriculum with video and other media to inspire students to achieve. From Edutopia 08-05-03

Next Exit

Stories for Change "Stories for Change is an online meeting place for community digital storytelling facilitators and advocates. Learn more about how we're using this unique medium for social change and join the network."

Storytellers of the New Millenium

The Elements of Digital Storytelling Powerful!
The digital frontier is a dynamic new space for storytelling but its potential has yet to be realized. Exploration of this poorly charted territory is needed as there are now more questions than answers.

What is unique about the digitial environment? How do users respond to it? How can its potential be maximized? The Institute for New Media Studies and New Directions for News are investigating these questions.

The Elements of Digital Storytelling site provides a:

Taxonomy of digital storytelling.
Analysis of current practices.
Clearinghouse of effects research.
Showcase of innovative story forms.
Forum for discussion.

The Power of Digital Storytelling from Business Week

What's Your Story? by Daniel Pink in Fast Company