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An Overview of Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum

From Kathie Nunley--
*Instead of assigning class and homework, offer an assortment of learning activity choices.
*Offer a wide variety of assignments, addressing as many styles and interests as possible. Activities may vary in terms of length of time required and point value.
*Allow the student to choose which assignments they want to do to meet the point requirements for that unit.
*Try to include enough assignment choices so that even the non-readers or low reading ability students can have success.
*Assignment choices may include lecture, video, computer programs, book work, posters, modeling clay, poetry, construction of a board game, flash cards, mobiles, book reports, video performance.
*Allow the students freedom to come up with their own creative assignments. Variety is key to leading rather than managing your students.

Differentiated Instruction
Essential Question: How do I effectively and efficiently reach all students in a heterogeneous environment?

Adapt Lessons to Reach All Students

Teachley's Amazing Brain: Talking Brain
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